Inner Chains

Inner Chains
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Added : May 23, 2017
Description : The game is in the style of FPS-horror, the action of which takes place in a surreal, gloomy and deadly biomechanical world, similar to which has not happened yet. In the world of Internal Chains, your rules, and you do not have to change them. Humanity is only a small part of the hostile universe. Do you want to survive? Uncover her secrets. Planet in the distant future. A stone flying through space, which has long been not the same as it used to be. Without the intervention of people, nature adapts to new conditions, takes away what was once taken away from it. Striving for perfection, she began to intertwine with abandoned technologies, biomechanical creatures. Left unattended, human technology has also changed, adapting to the new world. Soon, between technology and nature, a close symbiosis developed. In the world of Internal Chains it became difficult to determine where mechanics e..
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