Dude, Where's My Dog?!

Dude, Where's My Dog?!
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Downloads 49
Quality : BRRip
Added : Aug 28, 2017
Ratings :  3.3  / PG
Released : May 25, 2017
Genre : Family
Length : 82 min
Country : USA
Language : English, Hindi
Actors : Nic Birdsall, Gabriela Castillo, Taisha Monique Clark, Trish Cook, Chasten Davis, Charlotte Dean, Matt Easton, Alexander G. Eckert, Kevin P. Farley, Dan Glenn, Kim Hamilton, Luckybear, Brandon Middleton, Jenn Saldana, Ian Tucker, Janina Washington, Monti Washington
Director : Stephen Langford
Writer : Stephen Langford
Description : A young tween named Ray is left at home to watch the family dog, Harry, to prove to his parents that he is not, as they say, "irresponsible." But, before he knows it, curious Harry runs out the front door and into Krepner's house- Ray's kooky, suspicious neighbor. While in the house, he is accidentally doused with a stolen top-secret invisibility formula and then runs wild throughout their small town unseen causing a ruckus. K..
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