Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii
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Downloads 138
Quality : Master
Added : Dec 20, 2017
Ratings :  5.2  / R
Released : Jun 22, 2007
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sport
Length : 118 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Zain Khan, Rahul Bose, Kapil Dev, Manini M. Mishra, Bobby Bedii, Raj Bhansali, Deiptimaan Chowdhury, Rajesh Khera, Lalit Parashar, Susheel Parashara, Meera Vasudevan, Mangala Kenkre, Anand Abhyankar, Parimal Aloke, Chandan Anand, Renuka Bondre, Vijay Crishna, Neha Daniyal, Sanjeev Giriwer, Smita Hai, Aishwarya Hande, Nasser Hussain, Nasir Kazi, Nasir Khan, Manohar Pandit, Isha Sawant, Mahinder Singh Shera, Vineet Kumar Singh, Amrindher Sodhi, Gary Tantony
Writer : false
Description : Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli, a children's film, is a journey of an orphan boy of 13 years of age who dares to dream big and thereby, proves to the world that "Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet". The film revolves around an orphan boy, Karan, who lives in a dilapidated orphanage owned by a stern, uncouth warden, John Kakkad. Karan has two dreams, one is to have parents and the other is to be a big cricketer. ..
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