The Giant

The Giant
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Quality : BRRip
Added : Apr 17, 2018
Ratings :  6.6  / R
Released : Oct 14, 2016
Genre : Drama, Sport
Length : 86 min
Country : Sweden,Denmark
Language : Swedish
Actors : Christian Andrén, Johan Kylén, Anna Bjelkerud, Linda Faith, Amin Alabadi, Ola Bjurman, Birgitta Blad, Bengt Carlsson, Joachim Carlsson, Axel Danielsson, Lasse Dithmar, Leif Edlund, Pia Edlund, Stina Elinderson, Niclas Fransson, Hasse Hermansson, Martin Högdahl, Eva-Karin Ingelstedt, Archana Khanna, Jasmine Landstrom, Gun Larsson, Eva Lena Ljung-Kjellberg, Moa Malan, Miro Matousek, Martin McFaul, Bo Melin, Lise-Lotte Olausson, Tove Orrbeck, Pablo Patron, Daniel Presuttis
Director : Johannes Nyholm
Description : Rikard is an autistic and severely deformed man who was separated from his mother at birth. Thirty years later he is convinced that he will get her back if only he wins the Scandinavian Championship of pétanque. He tries to do the impossible. His fragile physique and a harsh judging environment are not going to stop him. Plus there is a 200 foot giant on his side.
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