Cold November

Cold November
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Downloads 17
Quality : WebRip
Added : Jul 08, 2018
Ratings :  4.4  / R
Released : Oct 20, 2017
Genre : Drama, Family, Thriller
Length : 92 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Bijou Abas, Karl Jacob, Anna Klemp, Heidi Fellner, Mary Kay Fortier-Spalding, Alaina Lucy Rivera, Raymond Brandstrom, Tanner Cape, Bill Cooper
Director : Karl Jacob
Writer : Karl Jacob
Description : A 12-year-old girl being raised within a matriarchal household is taken through the right of passage of killing a deer for the first time. Expectations dissolve into chaos, and Florence finds herself alone, relying on instinct and training to follow through with her decisions, pull herself together, and face becoming an adult in the North American wilderness.
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