First Reformed

First Reformed
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Quality : WebRip
Added : Sep 22, 2018
Ratings :  7.2  / R
Released : May 18, 2018
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Length : 113 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, Cedric the Entertainer, Victoria Hill, Philip Ettinger, Michael Gaston, Bill Hoag, Kristin Villanueva, Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, Ken Forman, Christopher Dylan White, Frank Rodriguez, Gary Lee Mahmoud, Joseph Anthony Jerez, Sue Jean Kim, Miah Velasquez, Tyler Bourke, Natalie Woolams-Torres, Van Hansis, Ramon Nuñez, Delano Montgomery, Satchel Eden Bell, Jon Rua, Otis Edward Cotton, Mark Havlis, Erica Fae, Prudence Wright Holmes, Ronald Peet, Juliet Schlefer, Elanna White
Director : Paul Schrader
Writer : Paul Schrader
Description : Forty-six year old Reverend Ernst Toller is the pastor at the historic First Reformed Church in upstate New York. It is seen as the "tourist" church or the "souvenir shop" (its historical significance partly it being a stop on the underground railroad before the slaves crossed into Canada) by Abundant Life, which owns the church and which operates a modern self-named five thousand seat church overseen by Reverend Joel Jeffers...
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