Man in the Wilderness

Man in the Wilderness
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Added : Oct 06, 2019
Ratings :  6.8  / PG
Released : Dec 19, 1971
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Western
Length : 104 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Richard Harris, John Huston, Henry Wilcoxon, Percy Herbert, Dennis Waterman, Prunella Ransome, Sheila Raynor, Norman Rossington, James Doohan, Bryan Marshall, Ben Carruthers, Robert Russell, John Bindon, Bruce M. Fischer, Dean Selmier, Manolo Landau, William Layton, Judith Furse, Rudy Althoff, Peggy The Bear, Ines Acosta, Raul Castro, Tony Cyrus, Tamara Sie, Joaquín Solís, Martha Tuck
Director : Richard C. Sarafian
Writer : Jack DeWitt
Description : In the early 1800's, a group of fur trappers and Indian traders are returning with their goods to civilisation and are making a desperate attempt to beat the oncoming winter. When guide Zachary Bass is injured in a bear attack, they decide he's a goner and leave him behind to die. When he recovers instead, he swears revenge on them and tracks them and their paranoiac expedition leader down.
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