24 Hours in London

24 Hours in London
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Quality : WebRip
Added : Jan 13, 2020
Released : Jan 13, 2020
Genre : 0
Length : 0
Country : United Kingdom
Language : English,French,Russian
Actors : Gary Olsen, Tony London, David Sonnenthal, Sara Stockbridge, Luke Garrett, Wendy Cooper, Anjela Lauren Smith, John Sharian, Lorelei King, Sean Francis, Katia Caballero, Richard Graham, Morgan Jones, Jeremy Beckman, Olegar Fedoro, Howard Grace, Rad Lazar, Alexander Gordon-Wood, Clint Dyer, Philip Ferentinos, Oliver Finbow, Casey Parsons, Barry Dobbin, John Benfield, James Olivier, Amita Dhiri, James Hicks, Richard Dempsey, Martin Malone, Tim Major
Director : Alexander Finbow
Writer : Alexander Finbow
Description : Big time criminal Christian is on a mission to eliminate all his rival gangs in a slightly futuristic London. During one of the hits a witness survives and the police think they have the key to a successful arrest and conviction. Working for Christian are the usual band of over the top gangsters with no regard for the life of others.
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