The Host

The Host
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Downloads 47
Quality : Master
Added : Feb 16, 2014
Ratings :  5.9 
Released : Mar 29, 2013
Genre : Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
Length : 125 min
Country : USA, Switzerland
Language : English
Actors : Rachel Roberts, Shyaam Karra, Brent Wendell Williams, Jhil McEntyre
Director : Andrew Niccol
Writer :
Description : A race of non-corporeal, parasitic aliens who go from planet to planet looking for hosts have come to Earth and basically taken over the human race. It's believed that, once inside a body, all memories of the host human are gone. Some few free humans remain hidden from them, forming a resistance group. When an alien Seeker captures a girl named Melanie and puts a Wanderer in her body, she hopes to find out where the remaining ..
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