The Prodigy

The Prodigy
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Quality : Master
Added : Feb 22, 2014
Ratings :  5.7 
Released : Apr 01, 2005
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Length : 120 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Holt Boggs, Glen Vorhis, Matt Beckham, Diana Lee Inosanto
Director : William Kaufman
Writer :
Description : "The Prodigy" tells the story of small-time enforcer Truman Fisher's vicious conflict with a sadistic assassin who has chosen the unwilling Truman to be his successor. The assassin, who goes by the alias Rains and whose exploits have become the source of legend among Truman's underworld colleagues, drives Truman, through the pressure of constant violence and grief, to understand his own capacity for both bloodshed and compassi..
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