Kankan De Ohle

Kankan De Ohle
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Quality : Master
Added : Feb 28, 2014
Ratings :  7.5 
Released : Jan 01, 1970
Genre : Drama, Romance
Country : India
Language : Panjabi
Actors : Ravindra Kapoor, Indira, Jeevan, Uma Dutt
Director : Omi Bedi
Writer :
Description : Chaudhary takes on the identity of a bandit in order to save the marriage of his friend's daughter and is jailed. The villagers takes him to be wrong and throws out his wife and son out of the village where his son, Madan, grows up without knowing his father and becomes the darling of the little village. Madan determined to free the villagers from an evil moneylender, Ramu Shah, and for that he seeks help from his friend Banta..
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