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Quality : Master
Added : Feb 28, 2014
Ratings :  6.4 
Released : Oct 24, 2008
Genre : Drama
Length : 106 min
Country : Canada
Language : Panjabi, English
Actors : Preity Zinta, Gick Grewal, Vansh Bhardwaj, Geetika Sharma
Director : Deepa Mehta
Writer :
Description : Ludiana-based Chand gets married to Brampton-based Rocky Singh Dhillon and re-locates to Canada, to live with him and his extended family, consisting of his mom and dad; brother Baldev and his wife, Aman, and two children, Kabir and Loveleen. From the honeymoon stage itself, Chand gets physically abused by Rocky, and despite of bringing in $20K in dowry, she is immediately hired as a laborer even though she is a graduate and h..
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