Sone Ke Dil Lohe Ke Haath 1978

Sone Ke Dil Lohe Ke Haath 1978
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Quality : Master
Added : Oct 07, 2014
Released : Jan 01, 1970
Genre : Action
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Ajay, Sudha Chopra, Rajan Haksar, Nasir Hussain
Director : Naresh Kumar
Writer :
Description : Shankar is a honest, simple-minded man who works for a kind-hearted boss, Balkishan. Shankar lives with his wife, Parvati, and a young son, Bunty. Shankar intends to borrow some money from Balkishan to further his prospects, and he goes to meet him, but instead finds him dead. The police arrest Shankar for shooting and killing Balkishan. Shankar's pleas are ignored, and he is imprisoned for 14 years. Due to Shankar's good cond..
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