The Pink Panther 2

The Pink Panther 2
Views 434
Downloads 39
Quality : Master
Added : Feb 25, 2015
Ratings :  5.5  / PG
Released : Feb 06, 2009
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Length : 92 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia
Director : Harald Zwart
Writer :
Description : After having been rewarded for solving the mystery of the Pink Panther Diamond, inspector Jacques Clouseau has been assigned to minor tasks by his boss inspector Dreyfus so as not to have him in his way anymore. Unfortunately, the famous diamond has once again been stolen as have many other artifacts in a series of burglaries around the world. His past success will enable inspector Clouseau to be part of the dream team compris..
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