SOS: Save Our Skins

SOS: Save Our Skins
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Downloads 19
Quality : Master
Added : Feb 26, 2015
Ratings :  5.2 
Released : Apr 04, 2014
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Length : 98 min
Country : UK, Canada, USA
Language : English
Actors : Tom Bolton, Michael Chwastiak, Chris Hayward, James McDougall
Director : Kent Sobey
Writer :
Description : SOS: Save Our Skins is the tale of two hapless British geeks who wake up in New York City only to find that the entire human race has vanished. But as they explore the seemingly empty world before them, Ben and Stephen soon realize they're not alone after all... Juggling sci-fi, comedy and horror, SOS: Save Our Skins sends Ben and Stephen on a desperate journey to find their loved ones, escape the jaws of death and work out wh..
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