Leprechaun in the Hood

Leprechaun in the Hood
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Downloads 16
Quality : Master
Added : Feb 27, 2015
Ratings :  3.6  / R
Released : Mar 28, 2000
Genre : Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Length : 90 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Warwick Davis, Ice-T, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall
Director : Rob Spera
Writer :
Description : He's been in the country side, he's been downtown, he's been to Las Vegas, he's even been in space, now that evil Leprechaun is in DA HOOD! Three young rap artists are looking for a break. They need money to buy some music equipment so they can go to Las Vegas and enter a contest. They meet up with a local pimp named Mack Daddy who agrees to "hook them up", but later declines. The rappers want to get even with him so one night..
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