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Quality : Master
Added : Aug 20, 2015
Ratings :  6.2 
Released : Jan 01, 1970
Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime
Country : India
Language : Hindi, Urdu, English
Actors : Biswajeet, Babita Kapoor, Helen, Hari Shivdasani
Director : Manmohan Desai
Writer :
Description : After a train meets with an accident, the Commissioner is convinced that this is one of many acts of sabotage. He instructs his men to be on the look-out for a gang led by Scorpion. Shortly thereafter he gets a phone call from Gomes, the owner of Twist Music & Photo, who claims to have evidence against Scorpion but wants Rs.1 Lakh. The cash is arranged to be delivered to him, but before that could happen, gangsters locate Gome..
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