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Downloads 556
Quality : Screener
Added : Feb 14, 2016
Ratings :  7.4 
Released : Mar 20, 2015
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Length : 117 min
Country : Pakistan
Language : Urdu
Actors : Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Wiqar Ali Khan, Zhalay Sharhadi
Director : Yasir Jaswal
Writer :
Description : Jalaibee's story revolves around two friends Billu and Bugga who get tangled up in a debt with the local mafia called The Unit. As they look for ways to pay the debt before The Unit comes to collect, they find out they are in deeper waters than they thought. At the same time another man Ali, along with his partner Jimmy, wants revenge and has the intentions to kidnap and kill the Mafia lord known as The King. The King's front ..
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