Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag
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Downloads 64
Quality : Master
Added : Mar 01, 2016
Ratings :  5.9  / PG
Released : Aug 28, 2015
Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Length : 94 min
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish, Catalan, En
Actors : Dani Rovira, Michelle Jenner, Carme Calvell, Javier Balas
Director : Enrique Gato
Writer :
Description : Mike Goldwing, a plucky, determined 12-year old boy, is the son and grandson of NASA astronauts. His grandfather Frank, a once revered, but now forgotten retired astronaut, lives his days isolated from his family after missing out on his big chance to fly to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as a part of the Apollo XI mission. When an eccentric billionaire sets an evil plan to fly to the moon, steal the moon's vast ..
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