Beware of Dags

Beware of Dags
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Downloads 85
Quality : Master
Added : Jun 09, 2016
Ratings :  6.1  / G
Released : Nov 21, 2014
Genre : Action, Comedy, Thriller
Length : 126 min
Country : India
Language : Tamil
Actors : Idoh, Sibiraj, Arundhathi, Balaji
Director : Shakti Soundar Rajan
Description : In an operation to save to girl from a bunch of masked kidnappers, Karthik loses his colleague and gets hit in the leg by the gangsters. The leader escapes while one is captured and one is dead. Having been affected both physically & mentally, he is stuck at home when a military-trained dog comically named Subramani comes into his custody & brings color to his life. Karthik's wife is now kidnapped by the same gang again howeve..
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