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Quality : Screener
Added : Jun 09, 2016
Ratings :  8.4  / G
Released : Aug 14, 2015
Genre : Drama
Length : 100 min
Country : Pakistan, USA
Language : Urdu, English
Actors : Joshinder Chaggar, Nayyar Ejaz, Sonia Hussain, Sultan Hussain
Director : Jami, Jami
Writer :
Description : When his wife dies unexpectedly, Wahid, a poor train station master of a small, remote town in Pakistan's Balochistan province, must come to terms not only with her death and his own childhood personal demons, but also his complicity in the events that led up to it. He must choose between facilitating a web of corruption involving his own elder brother that might provide him a more comfortable life but which threatens to destr..
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