Shoot on Sight

Shoot on Sight
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Downloads 109
Quality : Master
Added : Jun 09, 2016
Ratings :  6.1  / R
Released : Aug 22, 2008
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Length : 110 min
Country : USA, UK
Language : English, Hindi, Urdu
Actors : Naseeruddin Shah, Greta Scacchi, Brian Cox, Stephen Greif
Director : Jag Mundhra
Writer :
Description : Tariq Ali, a Muslim police officer of Scotland Yard, is asked to hunt-down suspected suicide-bombers against the backdrop of July 7 bombings in London. Tariq's task gets complicated as an innocent Muslim is killed by the commando shooters of Scotland Yard. On the other hand, Tariq - a British citizen is himself a suspect in the eyes of his boss, despite his long service in the Scotland Yard.
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