Hollywood Sex Wars

Hollywood Sex Wars
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Downloads 266
Quality : Master
Added : Dec 11, 2016
Ratings :  3.3 
Released : Dec 31, 2011
Genre : Comedy
Length : 96 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Mario Diaz, Eli Jane, Jenae Altschwager, Dominique Purdy
Director : Paul Sapiano
Writer :
Description : Max (Dominique Purdy), Aaron (Richard Blair) and Glen (Nicholas Cooper) have a track record littered with strike-outs and misfit hook-ups. The boys embark on a mission to up their hot babe batting average. They meet Hollywood Casanova Johnny Eyelash (Mario Diaz) who teaches these boys the game of scoring A-list arm candy. But there is one problem, the girls are organized, cunning and have an agenda of their own. Its not long b..
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